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Being a working mom – how to combine enterpreneurship with parenting.

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SILMACHY cosmetics was founded in 2015, but for the first three years it was really more of a hobby. I followed with pure interest how it develops, but I didn’t have any big plans at this matter. In 2017, when I was expecting, I felt a strong creative flow and new cosmetic products were created – packaging-free or zero waste cosmetics. Later, feeling that SILMACHY was growing, I inevitably found myself facing daily management challenges – how to organize time to be with my baby every day and at the same time not to forget about self-realization and the development of the family business? Because SILMACHY is also a very personal, carefully nurtured brand from a small, humble idea about a cosmetics company to a real functioning and recognizable brand.

After the birth of my second child last July, I have come to some conclusions that have helped me being a working mom and combine the two seemingly incompatible worlds of parenting and entrepreneurship.

  1. Delegation of duties. My husband is the one who’s gone to parental leave with the second child, but I am still next to my baby almost all the time. Knowing how much I love running a business on a daily basis and how much ability it gives me, my husband has completely taken over the day-to-day tasks of cooking, shopping and looking after the kids in their peaceful moments.
  2. Prioritizing tasks. There are a lot of ideas and a long list of things to do. I sift through and do the most important jobs that really can’t be done by anyone else and that are more crucial to the development of the company. Is everything done? Of course not. But I do my best 🙂
  3. I trust my intuition and analyze less, but do more. It’s cool that a lot of things in business can be planned and predicted by analysis. It is also definitely necessary for a more successful business. But I have realized that it takes a lot of time for me now and I lead more intuitively – so that the values and identity of the brand are in line with mine.
  4. I rest while working. When I spend a lot of time with my children every day (because my eldest son doesn’t often visit the kindergarten), working at SILMACHY is my relaxation, where I can meditatively make cosmetics or pack orders while listening to my favorite music. If I manage to implement a new idea – the satisfaction is indescribable.
  5. The baby is always a priority and if I see that my daughter needs more of my attention, I will not blame myself that day for working less. I must admit that this was a difficult issue for me in the beginning, because I was worried about the fact that the work does not move forward, others get it done faster, etc. But with a cool mind – children grow up so fast! This time will never return and many tasks can wait a bit comparing with that.

Here I found a good read about why mom’s often make good enterpreneurs.

Did any of these suggestions help you? What is your experience of being a working mom?

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