It’s no secret that we’re always happy to welcome visitors at our SILMACHY workshop and share our cosmetic’s story.

Soap master class is one of the ways we like to tell our story and give you an opportunity to create your own creative soap. Herbal oils, plant powders, essential oils and other raw materials are large part of our everyday work and we would love to share this part with you.

Our guests here, at SILMACHY always say: “it smells sooo nice in here!”. Apply and get to know our world. Try the meditative process of mixing and pouring the ingredients, choosing the most beautiful colors and delicate scents, that will take you into a joyful whirlwind of sensations.


Soap making is a wide world filled with various techniques. In the master class, you will have the opportunity to take your first steps in this world and try your hand at pouring soap from the base.

Soap masterclass

What is included in the masterclass?

Raw materials and tools (option to choose different fragrances, colors, etc. raw materials to get personalized soaps)

Advice on various soap making techniques with visual examples

A tour of the SILMACHY working premises

10% discount on all Silmachy products

Where? Baldone, “Silmachy” workshop

How much it costs? 10 euros/pers. (min. number 5)


Do you want to see where your favorite SILMACHY products are made? Apply for a tour of our workshop!

What does the tour include?

Meeting with one of the members of Silmachy team

Getting to know Silmachy’s story and premises

An opportunity to see various specific tools that you will not find in other workshops

Training the Silmachy packaging folding skills

10% discount on all Silmachy products

Where? Baldone, “Silmachy” workshop

How much it costs? 5 euros/pers. (min. number 5)