5 Gift ideas for Mother’s Day

5 Dāvanu idejas mammai Māmiņdienā

Our moms are very special and dear to us, and Mother’s Day is a wonderful holiday to remind them of that. This year, we want to share how to congratulate our mothers in a more sustainable way, so that the gifts given are really useful, bring joy and do not collect dust on the shelves. Here are 5 gift ideas for mom on Mother’s Day.

5 sustainable gift ideas for mom on Mother’s Day:

  • Indoor plants. They not only perfectly complement the interior of any room and give a feeling of coziness, but also help purify the air and promote a healthier indoor environment. Today, there is a very wide selection of houseplants available, from plants that require more care to those that require minimal maintenance, such as succulents or cacti;
  • Homemade sweets. Instead of buying something new, make mom some of her favorite treats, such as cookies, muffins, or granola bars, that will be useful for daily energy. Use locally sourced ingredients and package the treats in a beautiful cloth bag, glass jar or other reusable packaging;
  • Natural, environmentally friendly cosmetics. Moms always appreciate quality self-care. Pamper mom with handmade face, body and hair care products, packaged in an environmentally friendly way. Good cosmetics will last a long time and provide a visible, effective result. If you can’t think of what exactly mom would like, here are some gift set ideas from us;
  • Recycled accessories. There are many innovative designers who use materials such as recycled plastic, tire material, leather scraps or reclaimed wood to create beautiful and sustainable accessories. Also here in Latvia there are manufacturers that offer such accessories, for example, earrings from Recycling is the new black
  • It is not always necessary to give things as gifts – moments experienced together and memories created are also a great gift. Go on a Mother’s Day hike with your mom along the nature trails of Latvia or have a picnic in the greenery.
    • Whatever you choose, the gift is made with love and care, it always makes you very happy.

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