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What is an eco friendly face moisturiser?

face moisturiser for dry and normal skin

Innovative, sustainable and plant-based. Face cream analogue – face moisturiser – that combines all the most important values skincare needs:

  • Easy to cover and quickly absorbed into the skin;
  • Natural ingredients with plant-derived actives that promote skin hydration and cell regeneration;
  • Eco-friendly packaging that is easy to recycle (Non-plastic);
  • A subtle, natural fragrance that suits everyone.
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SILMACHY Facial moisturizers

Why was it important?

We already know that the market of facial creams is wide and does the world really need another new product? Our answer is YES, because at least in the entire Baltics, we did not manage to find a product that would combine all the above-mentioned properties. So we decided to experiment with different recipes until we came up with the best face moisturizer ( well, ok, two new face moisturizers):

  • Moisturising, cell regenerating and rejuvenating with extracts of Bird Cherry extract and Chamomile, produced right here in Latvia. In recent studies, these extracts of Bird Cherry and Chamomile flower extracts have been shown to have a very high antioxidant effect;
  • Moisturising, skin nourishing, with Raspberry seed oil and daily protection from UVA/UVB rays, using a physical protective filter – mineral Zinc oxide (SPF 30).

How to use facial moisturizers?

Squeeze the moisturizer out of the tube with your thumb (about 1mm), apply a very small amount on the skin of the face. Then gently work it into the skin with your fingertips. Also watch a short usage video HERE.

We understand that the cardboard packaging may seem like a challenge at first, as the tube is neither squeezable nor squiggleable. But practice makes perfect and after just a few uses, squeezing it out of the tube seems as comfortable and common as using other types of packaging. In this case, it was important to choose cardboard because, as you already know, recyclable plastic is actually recycled in only 9% of cases, the rest of the waste ends up in forests, rivers and landfills, while glass/aluminum or other material jars would be a challenge for product preservation and user safety. If we pick up a natural ingredient based product every day with our fingers and it does not have aggressive preservatives, which really ensures microbiological purity, it will have a very short shelf life and will not be suitable for storage for more than a month. In order to maintain the microbiological purity and natural composition of this product, it was necessary to avoid packaging it in jars.

After the face moisturizer is used up, the empty packaging can be easily added to the paper/cardboard packaging.

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  1. What challenges did SILMACHY face in choosing eco-friendly packaging, and how does it contribute to the product’s ethos?

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