This set is a great gift and the beginning of zero waste product choices!

In the set you will find a shampoo bar. Choose your favorite type. We offer two types of shampoo bars – with Amla extract and with hops extract Silmachy shampoo bars does NOT contain SLS, SLSA, PEG and other silicones, soaps, parabens and other synthetic preservatives, synthetic fragrances or dyes. Loofah will serve as a tray for shampoo bar Loofah is 100% natural and environmentally friendly and recyclable (compostable). It is obtained from the Loofah plant, whose porous structure allows excess water to drain away from shampoo bar, so it dries faster and lasts longer.

You can also choose the type of soap – we offer Lemongrass soap, Mint soap, Minimalist or Coffee scrub soap. Soap is made from coconut and olive oil. In order for the soap to last longer, it must be allowed to dry between uses, so you will also find a bamboo soap dish in the set.


choose the type of shampoo bar

with Amla extract, with hops extract

choose the type of soap

lemongrass soap, minimalist soap, coffee scrub soap, peppermint soap


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