This ointment could become the most common product in every man’s arsenal. Containing natural Beeswax, nourishing Sweet almond oil and precious Propolis, you can use it as a balm for moisturizing your face, lips, dry hands, cracked feet, also – beard and moustache. Even more – you can use it to renew your leather shoe shine,  or protect dog’s feet in winter time.

Mikey’s ointment is a great companion in everyday life for men and women, who appreciate simplicity, comfort, and quality.

Manufactured using special Mikey’s recipe.

Use: Apply the ointment where necessary – to your dry hands, lips, cracked feet or beard. For dogs – rub the ointment into their feet to protect paws from cold weather.

 Ingredients: Prunus amygdalus dulcis ol., Cera flava, Propolis.


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